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by Nikita Kulkin
May 19th, 15, 02:28
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: how to imitate Russian accent
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Re: how to imitate Russian accent

Привет! Yes, there're different accents in different parts of Russia and mostly all people can hear the difference. You don't have to try imitate any of them since you'll finally get your own or if you'll try to imitate you'll get smh unnatural as a result. Watch movies and listen to songs with subt...
by Nikita Kulkin
May 19th, 15, 02:03
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: one word, different stress
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Re: one word, different stress

Привет Кэн! There are a lots of words in russian that change their sense depending on where the stress is, like: бе́регу — берегу́ (shore - care) бо́льшая — больша́я (big - bigger) ду́хи — духи́ (spirits - parfume) ду́ша — душа́ (soul - shower) пи́ли — пили́ (past from "drink" - to saw (im...

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