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by alena149
Oct 6th, 16, 01:39
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: accusative
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Re: accusative

It is russian. We don't care if the object is animate or not. And to "water" we refer as "she" therefore comes вода, воды, воде, воду, водой, о воде
by alena149
Oct 6th, 16, 01:16
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Food - Еда vs. пища
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Re: Food - Еда vs. пища

пища is used mostly in constructions like:
пища для ума
прием пищи
Also we got a word пищеварение which means digestion. Or literally, пище - food, варение - somewhat like brewing.
by alena149
Oct 6th, 16, 01:06
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Доктор or врач?
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Re: Доктор or врач?

Actually, доктор and врач has different roots.
Врач is an old russian word, while доктор derives from latin. Доктор means literaly a doctor. And indeed, as noticed above, PhD is a доктор too.
But when you are talking about a doctor of medicine it is usually врач.
by alena149
Apr 11th, 15, 01:45
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: reflexive verbs
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Re: reflexive verbs

it's a form which points, that someone doing smth to himself.
for example
мыть - мыться
одевать - одеваться
смотреть - смотреться

it like adding after verb pronoun "себя"
(мыть себя = мыться,
одевать себя = одеваться,
смотреть (на) себя = смотреться)
by alena149
Apr 11th, 15, 01:36
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: download torrents + subtitles
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Re: download torrents + subtitles

well, you can try
but i really doubt you can find subtitles to russian movies
by alena149
Apr 8th, 15, 00:18
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: sentences with "if"
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Re: sentences with "if"

We don't use "если" in this case. "если" needs some condition, and here it translates as a particle "ли". So, it is:
Я спросил у нее, не хочет ли она пойти в кино
by alena149
Apr 3rd, 15, 18:37
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: What do you add to make kasha taste good?
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Re: What do you add to make kasha taste good?

to be honest, kasha is not popular because of great taste. it's very cheap and nutritious, it can be kept through the winter and it's good for a stomach. when i was a kid and my parents made me eat kasha i thought, it was disgusting. and what i didn't like was not taste, but consistence of kasha. yo...
by alena149
Apr 3rd, 15, 17:35
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: Genitive plural of "человек"
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Re: Genitive plural of "человек"

Hello) omg, i'm russian and i have no idea. "много человек" just doesn't sound well, but "несколько человек" is all right and actually better than "несколько людей". *as for me, i usually use "народ" instead of "человек" or "люди" with &quo...
by alena149
Apr 3rd, 15, 14:45
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: what case with the preposition "под"
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Re: what case with the preposition "под"

here "под стол" is a direction. it is like:

плавать под водой -- нырять под воду
жить под крышей -- зайти под крышу
прятать под одеялом -- спрятаться под одеяло

под чем? -- подо что?
by alena149
Apr 3rd, 15, 14:29
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: задание or задача
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Re: задание or задача

задача - is more like a problem. "математическая задача", "задача о дереве Штейнера"="Steiner tree problem", "решить задачу"(solve the problem) задание - is a quest or task. we can not say "решить задание", we say "выполнить задание", as yo...

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