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by Lawless
May 5th, 18, 11:24
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: лет и летней
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Re: лет и летней

Those are two different words. Лет is a form of год (year). one year – один год two years – два года five years – пять лет I am 20 years old. – Мне 20 лет. Летней is a form of летний (summer-; adjective) summer day – летний день I am dreaming about a...
by Lawless
Apr 30th, 18, 21:00
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: How to pronounce -ого adjective ending
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Re: How to pronounce -ого adjective ending

In the adjective ending "-ого" the letter г is always pronounced as в [v]. An unaccented о is pronounced as а [a]. That's all there is to it. первого – [pjErvava] второго – [ftarOva] Or am I misunderstanding you question? If you meant to ask how can you know if the accent is on the first о...

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