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by Bluesd
Dec 6th, 19, 12:27
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Want to improve my english madskillz ^)
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Re: Want to improve my english madskillz ^)

It's really hard to study languages without professional help, because there should be somebody who will be able to explain the rule or the way the word need to be pronounced. You can apply for this service I can guarantee you'll be satisfied with the way t...
by Bluesd
Nov 8th, 19, 12:48
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?
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Re: How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?

I think that Google Translate's algorithms are becoming better each year and you shouldn't be afraid to use it, but it's always better to check each word separately - this way it'll work as a simple dictionary; it's hard to make a mistake if you know the meaning of each word.
by Bluesd
Aug 7th, 19, 19:03
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russian wedding traditions
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Re: Russian wedding traditions

It's really interesting if it differs from the Western traditions! For example, the choice of music! Here's a big article on songs and music used in wedding and I think it's more common now in Russia too: ... xit-songs/
by Bluesd
Jul 10th, 18, 11:52
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Hi
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Re: Hi

If you looking for english tutor back in Poland, go with
by Bluesd
Feb 12th, 18, 16:50
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Practicing Russian Language
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Re: Practicing Russian Language

Here's a nicest school around All the programs are epitomes of professional language courses. Вем привет! ;) I can quite successfully in this language now, given the previous level of total dummy.

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