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by Bluesd
Nov 8th, 19, 12:48
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?
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Re: How True Is Google Translate Spoken Russian?

I think that Google Translate's algorithms are becoming better each year and you shouldn't be afraid to use it, but it's always better to check each word separately - this way it'll work as a simple dictionary; it's hard to make a mistake if you know the meaning of each word.
by Bluesd
Aug 7th, 19, 19:03
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russian wedding traditions
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Re: Russian wedding traditions

It's really interesting if it differs from the Western traditions! For example, the choice of music! Here's a big article on songs and music used in wedding and I think it's more common now in Russia too: ... xit-songs/
by Bluesd
Jul 10th, 18, 11:52
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Hi
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Re: Hi

If you looking for english tutor back in Poland, go with
by Bluesd
Feb 12th, 18, 16:50
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Practicing Russian Language
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Re: Practicing Russian Language

Here's a nicest school around All the programs are epitomes of professional language courses. Вем привет! ;) I can quite successfully in this language now, given the previous level of total dummy.

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