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by Josso
Feb 2nd, 18, 17:02
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: the letter "P"
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Re: the letter "P"

A serbian friend of mine told me that in their primary school they practice "the rolling R". They told me that if you could do that you can also pronounce the words with the R if you practice.
by Josso
Feb 2nd, 18, 16:21
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: Android Language Selection
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Re: Android Language Selection

You should pick the 5th option on the screen, but first I would say you need to know cyrillic before changing your phone's language.

The list on the second image says this:
1. Belarusian
2. Kazakh
3. Kyrgyz
4. Moldovan
5. Russian
6. Ukranian
by Josso
Feb 2nd, 18, 16:14
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Zdrastvuyte
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Hey I'm a 19 year old dutch guy that is very much interested in your language. A while ago I started learning cyrillic by reading a serbian news website , which is of course a little different, but that kind of got me started and I am happy to say that I kind of got that down....

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