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by elenatm
Mar 10th, 18, 02:00
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: Difference between прибра́ть and прибра́ться?
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Re: Difference between прибра́ть and прибра́ться?

Hi, the meaning would be the same, there is no big difference between the two constructions. However you can say прибрать гостиную and прибрать в гостиной. But if you use the reflexive verb you can't use the direct object after that, you can only say прибраться В гостиной. Or you can use the reflexi...
by elenatm
Mar 10th, 18, 01:43
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Nickname/diminutive
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Re: Nickname/diminutive

Hello! I am very sorry for your loss. I see there are no replies here, But it is been more than two months since you posted the question, have you got an answer elsewhere and solved the question?
by elenatm
Jan 31st, 17, 01:18
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Эллочки-людоедки.
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Re: Эллочки-людоедки.

Эллочка-людоедка is a character of the book "The Twelve Chairs", She is known mostly for being a vulgar, rather stupid woman and for having an extremely poor vocabulary, about 17 words, she used them in any kind of situations. So запас Эллочки-людоедки means a very poor vocabulary.

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