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by Sharik
Mar 29th, 14, 01:07
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: I need help making pirozhki
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I need help making pirozhki

A friend of mine from Russia made me pirozhki years ago. I loved them. Now, I want to try making pirozhki myself. I have a basic recipe for the dough. I need to decide with what to stuff the pirozhki. Any suggestions? What is your favorite? Also, do pirozhki differ across the different regions of Ru...
by Sharik
Mar 29th, 14, 00:40
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: What do you add to make kasha taste good?
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Re: What do you add to make kasha taste good?

I would try various grains until you found one that you liked. Their tastes will vary a lot from one kind to the next. While living in Ukraine, I found buckwheat (гречка/grechka) to be a popular choice. It took me some time to get used to the flavor of buckwheat. Very earthy. Also, it always seemed ...
by Sharik
Mar 27th, 14, 21:38
Forum: Your first post to say hello
Topic: Здравствуйте
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Здравствуйте, меня зовут Мэтью. Я живу в США. В прошлом году я жил в Украине, где я работал и изучал русский язык. К сожалению, я забыл все! -- Hello, my name is Matt. I live in the U.S. Last year, I lived in Ukraine where I worked and I studied Russian. Unfortunately, I am forgetting everything. I ...

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