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by AlexKotovoi
Aug 22nd, 15, 02:11
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: "медведь на ухо наступил" -> meaning?
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Thanks for a comprehensive reply. I am not glad, but at least heartened, to hear that the changes have had bigger impact on others than me. Нид хелп, народ! У моего сайта неделю назад посещаемость сильно упала, хочу вернуть. Нашел такие услуги: ТОП 10 в Яндексе . Правда некоторые говорят, что ссылки...
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 16th, 15, 17:38
Forum: Gramática rusa
Topic: Como saber cuando una vocal "o" esta acentuada
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Como saber cuando una vocal "o" esta acentuada

CГіmo se traducirГ­a al inglГ©s, esta frase por favor: "que dormir, para ti, sea una actividad reparadora" contexto: es como que lo desea pero SIN decir "deseo que": deseo que dormir para ti sea... Entonces, la palabra "que" antes de dormir" en la frase: "que ...
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 11th, 15, 02:55
Forum: Russian grammar
Topic: difference between ничего/нечего
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difference between ничего/нечего

me and a few friends have been playing some lagshot lately and everyone said is was weird.
so is there really a difference between 0.3x and 0.3z lagshot?
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 10th, 15, 13:55
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russian audio books
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Russian audio books

Are there are any good books in English on Taiwan history? No academic tomes please.


П.С. У кого есть опыт продвижения сайтов в интернете? Актуально для меня. Кто в теме? Подскажите эти ребята подойдут? Чистое SEO. Кто что скажет?
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 8th, 15, 13:14
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: How to say 'How are you?' accurately in Russian.
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How to say How are you accurately in Russian

After registering, you can create a topic in this section in English. To simplify the use of translation software page from Russian into English. If there are any questions - please - be sure to help. ЗЫ. Есть среди форумчан специалисты про продвижению сайтов? Можете в ЛС конультацию дать? Нужно про...
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 7th, 15, 20:30
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Russian language practice, questions and etc (SKYPE)
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Russian language practice questions and etc SKYPE

RU: Меня зовут Артём, и я предлагаю помощью в изучении русского языка. Сам ищу кого-нибудь, кто поможет попрактиковаться в австралийском английском. EN: Ni, Im Artem and i can offe...
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 7th, 15, 00:05
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Russian native speaker
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Russian native speaker

I think theres an important point being missed here. Taiwan doesnt care if you are a native speaker of Swahili who is teaching English -- as long as you hold a passport from what Taiwan considers to be an English-speaking country. Conversely, you could be a native speaker of English but if you hold ...
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 5th, 15, 19:53
Forum: Russian vocabulary
Topic: Difference between Теперь and сейнас.
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Difference between Теперь and сейнас

What is the difference between a стих and a поэма?

I've considered the two words to be synonyms, but now it seems to me that there is a distinction between the two but I don't know what the distinction is. Is a РїРѕСЌРјР° a long poem, perhaps?
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 5th, 15, 19:52
Forum: Russian culture
Topic: Russia:"Big sister" or Thraco-Getae-Dacian God-Mother?
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Russia "Big sister" or Thraco Getae Dacian God Mother

I am German. We call it "father land" Vaterland but I know Russians say it is their mother.

We Germans talk about our "mother language" "Muttersprache".
by AlexKotovoi
Aug 4th, 15, 13:57
Forum: Russian-English exchange
Topic: Conversing in Russian
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Conversing in Russian

Hey, just joined the forums, and am happy to be here

I just wanted to know: are there any good magazines/publications for Airsoft/Strikeball in Russian? and where can I get it from???

Thanks and good day to you

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