Saying hello (and a quick question)

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Saying hello (and a quick question)

Postby NJbibliotekar » Jul 28th, 17, 18:37

My name is Stephen, and I'd like to say "hi" to everyone here. . .

I took a couple of semesters of Russian twenty five years ago, and because I don't speak in Russian to people frequently, my spoken Russian is horrendous ! I can read Cyrillic just fine, and what I can speak is most frequently improperly accented.

My biggest issue is colloquial expressions. If someone were to come to the public library I work at, and there was a brochure display (like this [no endorsement implied, it's just an practical application for this question]) how would write - - Take One - - in Russia ?

I don't want to use Google Translate. . . I've been busted too many time with it !

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