Rules for в/во c/со к/ко под/подо над/надо от/ото из/изо

Why do we use this case here? And this verb? What rule should I use here?
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Rules for в/во c/со к/ко под/подо над/надо от/ото из/изо

Postby englishbreakmex » Mar 20th, 14, 22:19

Привет! Hi!

I'm looking for specific spelling/pronunciation rules for the consonant clusters/contextual constraints that make the prepositions в, с, к, под, над, от, из, без, о/об change to во, со, ко, подо, надо, ото, изо, безо, обо.

I have searched in many books and online, but the explanations only include short lists of examples, nothing detailed, exhaustive or complete.

For в/во I saw one reply in the forum here: ... %BA-%D1%81

I have found these discussions in the Russian forum about с/со with mentions of о/об/обо.

Taking English as an example, the rules for a/an seem more rigid, but in Russian, it appears that there is some choice for pronunciation and style, and that these rules may not be as rigid concerning these changes. Is that impression correct?

Does anyone know any advanced Russian phonetics resource that would have a detailed explanation of these changes?

Thanks in advance! Большое спасибо!

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