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Educational Centre Leader

Postby Centre_Leader » Oct 3rd, 17, 12:30

Nowadays the Educational centre Leader is the biggest private centre for adults.
"Leader" since 1999 has absorbed the best educational traditions, while constantly
introducing modern technologies into the educational process. We work in 27 cities of
Belarus, use the modern technologies and have experienced teachers. We are one of
the centres that invites foreigners to study Russian to the safe and beautiful country,
where everyone speaks Russian.
We collaborate with different companies and more than 500 companies trust us to teach
their employers many courses and Russian as a foreign language for foreign partners,
as well.
The educational centre "Leader" are officially recognized as courses No. 1 in Belarus in
2016 according to the results of the International Festival-Contest "Choice of the Year".
We offer Russian as a Foreign Language in either long-term courses for students who
wish to study in Belarus or short-term courses (especially during the summer months)
throughout the year. Furthermore, we assist our students with their visa application
process, registration in migration services, provide accommodation options, help you
with casual problems, and organize your leisure activity in Belarus. We are pleased to
offer many possibilities for the people who want to study Russian language.
Our teachers – professionals and experts with great experience, who are devoted to
their jobs.
We have become the centre that provides exams for foreign students, who want to
identify their level of Russian language command, or to get the Russian or Belarussian
citizenship, or officially work in Belarus and Russia.
Compared to other European countries, the prices in Minsk are very low and the costs
of living are a fraction of what a foreign student would have to pay in other cities. Let’s
look at the facts:
    bus ticket 0.3 €
    5 km by taxi 3,2 €
    lunch in a café 12 €
    ice-cream 0,5 €
    The Great Patriotic War museum entrance ticket 3,2 €
    a bottle of local beer 0,75 €
    A week of Russian language group courses at Leader Language school 120 €
    bike rental per hour 2,5 €
*all the given prices are approximate and are based on the current exchange rate.
We will be glad to meet you in Minsk at the educational centre Leader!

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Re: Educational Centre Leader

Postby Mashenka » Dec 11th, 18, 10:41

This all sounds very inviting. You wouldn't have online courses by chance? I am unable to leave the USA for family reasons at this time. Also, what is the difference in Belarus Russian from the Moscow dialect of Russian, if any? How far is Minsk from Moscow?

Thank you for letting us know about this resource.

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