Basic question about gender

Why do we use this case here? And this verb? What rule should I use here?
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Basic question about gender

Postby RyanCaleb » Sep 7th, 17, 10:39

Hi there,
I just need to clear up what happens when the noun is one gender and the person represented by the noun is another.

The good male teacher said:
хорощий препадавтель сказал

The good female teacher said:
хорощая препадавтель сказала?

The good male orphan went home:
хорощий сирота шёл домой

The good female orphan went home:
хорощая сирота шла домой?

Basically; if the noun is masculine or common gender but the person represented by it is female (and vice versa) does either adjective or the verb follow the gender of the person or agree with the noun?

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Re: Basic question about gender

Postby user1142 » Sep 7th, 17, 13:32

Both the verb and the objective follow the gender of the person.

1) misprinted 'щ' instead of 'ш' in "хороший/хорошая"
2) преподаватель

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