Привет всё! У мне есть вопрос (I have a question)

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Привет всё! У мне есть вопрос (I have a question)

Postby SaturnEcho » Jul 5th, 15, 08:54

I'm 28, from Ohio in the u.s. and am happy I found your website. The website is brilliant and really breaks down Russian into parts that are easy to understand and build upon. I'm happy to report that I've finished all the regular lessons and am now on the CASES LESSONS. I have a couple questions and hopefully they will be seen. I may post them somewhere else in the forum if I don't get a response.

Questions (from cases lesson 2 of the website: Accusative cases of nouns)

1) The sentence (2nd from bottom of dialogue 3)
- Я не люблю этих актрис. The pronoun (этих) means these, but it confuses me. What is its (nom) form?
Is it "это"?

Here's "these/зто" used in a way without the conjugation: - Да, да, это она. А это мои родители. Ты знаешь моих родителей?

like some of the other pronouns in the tables, I thought it might be included in there.

2) (Past tense verb gender congugation)
- Вчера я "была" в кино. Я "смотрела"новый фильм.
This is a girl speaking yes? Because it has the "ла"? So, what about other situations, like:
A) If it was a guy talking about having "watched" a girl, Would he say я "смотрела"девочку OR я смотрел девочку?
I hope that makes sense to everyone. For instance, just because a man is talking about what a girl did for example, recounting her story like a storyteller or as if it was a tale/fairytale, would he conjugate the verb in the sentence:"and then she SAW it was a monster."?

Excuse me if this confuses people. I appreciate your help and love the website. Thank you, Chris

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Re: Привет всё! У мне есть вопрос (I have a question)

Postby vokalistov » Jul 7th, 15, 21:59

1. Эти актрисы ... (nominative)
2. Я смотрел на девочку or Я видел девочку

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