Russian expression for "not hackable"?

How do you say in Russian...? What does this Russian word mean? *Please, check a dictionary before posting here
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Russian expression for "not hackable"?

Postby ScottChang » May 4th, 17, 19:41

Hi all,
Google Translate gave me the following translation:
University of Science and Technology at Hefei in the Anhui province, China has built the quantum computer that is a highly advanced computing machinery and is not hackable.=Университет науки и технологий в Хэфэе провинции Аньхой, Китай создал квантовый компьютер, который является высокоразвитым вычислительным оборудованием и не может быть взломан.

Is the Russian phrase "не может быть взломан" = "not hackable" in English? I cannot find the right grammartic case for "взломан"!! Is any Russian adjective for the English adjective "hackable"?

Please help, comment and respond.

Scott Chang

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Re: Russian expression for "not hackable"?

Postby Ulenson » May 7th, 17, 01:11

The Russian phrase "не может быть взломан" = "not hackable" in English))
Взломан - is a short participle in Russian. The full form is взломанный. We just can't translate it without "может быть", in doesn't sound properly.

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