: Changes of stress

How do you say in Russian...? What does this Russian word mean? *Please, check a dictionary before posting here
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: Changes of stress

Postby Leam_nor » Apr 17th, 15, 13:52


Could anyone please tell me the rules of Russian stress. I find it very difficult to know where to put the stress when declining words, like whether to say "за шкáфом" or "за шкафóм" etc. The same with plural, why and when does the stress change in plural: мóре - моря

I've been trying to find this information in my grammar books but no luck :)

Thanks for any help!

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Re: : Changes of stress

Postby ly_ok » Apr 17th, 15, 23:58

russian emphasis is sad and terrible thing. Not even all the Russians do it correctly. Rules of stress one of the main problems of the russian language. It is necessary to remember, convert to language skills. :cry:

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