In Europe, xenophobia is winning over rationality

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In Europe, xenophobia is winning over rationality

Postby ScottChang » Feb 21st, 17, 23:20

Hi all,
I got 2 Russian translations for "In Europe, xenophobia is winning over rationality":
(1) В Европе, ксенофобия побеждает над рассудком [from Google Translate]
(2) В Европе, ксенофобия-это победа над рациональностью [from yandex_russian]

(1) and (2) are quite different in word structure and Russian grammar in the "xenophobia is winning over rationality" for me to understand!? Please help, advise/comment, and respond.

Scott Chang

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Jeremy Katz
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Re: In Europe, xenophobia is winning over rationality

Postby Jeremy Katz » Apr 10th, 17, 18:46

It's a question of meaning.
I'd say that (1) is more correct in such kinda situation.
Rationality here is more of a "common sense" kind of meaning. That's why it would be correct to say "над рассудком" or even "над здравым смыслом" (over common sense).
Whilst (2) is a direct meaning out of the word rationality, like, in "rational consumption".
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