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Don't be shy and say привет!
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new bie

Postby lolovest12 » Apr 2nd, 18, 16:20

Я a newbie here to say Привет и Здравствуйте, self-study Russian since 2016, Russian is ridiculously hard to learn considering all or ridiculous rules of cases and changes of suffix, no wonder Russians are pound of their own language and dislike easy one like English.

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Re: new bie

Postby Mashenka » Dec 11th, 18, 09:52

Удачи в изучении русского языка!

It's all in what you learned in your formative years. I actually learned Russian as a baby/toddler. I didn't learn English until I went to kindergarten. Both languages make perfect sense, each in their own way. My issue is that I have not used Russian for a long time, so I find myself reaching and grasping for the right word, and the right case, and the pronouns that go with it as well. There are some great YouTube videos on learning Russian from English. There are also cartoons and easy children's stories on YouTube as well that might help. This forum is a great place to help with learning. Just try out a sentence, or paragraph, or a question and post it here. There are some very knowledgeable people that will answer and provide help.

So once again, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your journey in the study of the Russian language.

BTW, my personal opinion, but there are native speakers in the USA who do not understand their own language and do not have knowledge of their own native language. So sad. But then maybe they are very good at something else like carpentry, math, etc. English doesn't seem to be easy for even the native speakers.

I know many Russian people who enjoy communicating with the English language. Once again, the best of luck!

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